Your Fitness Routine


A great body which is disease free and healthy is a dream come true for anyone of us. Are you tired of lifting weights and following diets that have driven off all your spark to reach a desired fitness level  then you need to set up a new fitness regime which includes exciting exercises and food which is super healthy and tastes good all together. Here we have an amazing workout plan with some great tips all tailored to your choice.

A full body routine will be of great help here. It should include all specific exercises that are effective and efficient at the same time. They primarily include:


  • Quads- squats, lunges, one legged squats, box jumps
  • Butt and Hamstrings- hip raises, deadlifts, straight leg deadlifts, set ups
  • Pull (back, biceps and forearms)- chin ups, pull ups, inverted bodyweight rows, dumbbell rows
  • Push (chest, shoulders and triceps)- overhead press, bench press, incline dumbbell press, pushups, dips
  • Core (abs and lower back)- planks, exercise ball crunches, jumping knee tucks, leg raises, side planks.


Choose one exercise for a day for your workout plan and this would help you work for every muscle of the body. The best way is by adding some variety to the workout regime. If you continue to repeat same exercises for a number of days then you can easily get bored and feel less energetic to continue. The best option is picking up a few exercises for a day and set up a plan according to weekdays.


Along with an effective workout plan another most important thing that comes is a proper diet plan. It is said that the fitness of the body mainly rests on what you eat and how you eat. It is equally important to plan a proper diet schedule for weekdays if you are looking forward towards a fit and healthy you. Here are some tips which can help you work on your diet and make it more effective:


1. Curb that sweet tooth- if you crave for that last piece of cake in the fridge while sleeping then this this for you. Instead of thinking about a dessert it's better to think of a fruit whenever your sweet tooth attacks. This is the healthiest option.
2. Break-the-fast with the healthiest breakfast- it is the most important meal of the day. It is essential to take a rich source based breakfast as you start your day. You can have an oatmeal, cereals, fruits, muesli, or any power packed toast with veggies.
3. Water, your best friend- don’t forget to keep your water bottle handy every time you leave from your home. It is recommended to drink atleast 8-10 glasses of water everyday from which the maximum should be consumed during the day. Being hydrated helps you remain energized and at the same time it distracts you from the unhealthy stuff you always try to lean on.
4. Carbs can be good: we often hear that carb rich foods make you un-healthier but there lies a difference. Consuming bad carbs like fried food, refined flour made items, refined oils, processed foods make you unhealthy and on the other hand consuming foods rich in good carbs like dry fruits, ghee, olive oil, a certain quantity of cheese, milk, etc. are the healthiest options.
5. Add the colours to your plate: adding green vegetables and a variety of fruits to your meal makes it look colourful and even takes to the next level of fitness. Consumption of these keeps you full for longer and even helps fight the diseases.
6. Green tea to the rescue- instead of having a tea loaded with sugar you can have green tea or any herbal tea twice a day which helps in increasing immunity and keeps you hydrated and refreshed.


Follow these quick exercises along with energy boosting diet to get fit in no time. I bet you can easily achieve the desired results if you religiously follow these few tips that are recommended by the nutrition and health experts.