Abhayarishta is an herbal medicine meant to treat people who suffer from digestive infections like Bloating, Constipation, Udara Roga (Gas), Hemorrhoids, Urination, Lack of appetite, Fissure, and other gastrointestinal problems. It is a medicine (in potion form) which includes alcohol due to its fermentation process, hence acts as one of the primary content of the herb, eradicating Intestinal disturbances.

It is also called Haritaki, which is sacred to Lord Shivaay (thus, symbolizing as an important medicine).

It is known for its antioxidant, laxative, antispasmodic, antiviral, antibacterial, astringent and other properties. It also acts as a detox for our digestive track.

How does Abhayarishta work?

It not only increases our digestive fire but also helps in improving it. This helps in proper digestion of the food we eat and detoxifies us from the accumulated toxins in our body which are thoroughly thrown out.

What kind of health issues can Abhayarishta cure?

Pitta energy as defined by Ayurveda is meant to control our digestive as well as the endocrine system. Those who have this kind of energy, i.e, pitta energy are intelligent and fiery in nature. When they are out of energy they face problems like an imbalance in day-to-day bodily functions. The theory can be effectively linked to Intestinal problems.

Piles (Haemorrhoids): - The prime reason of piles is constipation. Abhayarishta reduces swelling in veins caused due to hemorrhoids. In the case of bleeding piles, it must be used with an arshoghni vote. In the case of non-bleeding one's, we can use it with kankaya Gutika.

Causes of piles: Constipation, continuous sitting while traveling, obesity, pregnancy (due to baby pressure), varicose veins, cancer, the pressure in the rectum area due to heavy weights, sitting on hard areas. Other herbs for Piles are Amlaki, Nagakeshara, and Haritaki.

Anal Fissure: -  The cause of this problem is Stool and constipation. It's very useful to eradicate hard stool problems. We can use Abhayarishta potion with ghee or oil (almond) in a tablespoon and mix it with water. The remedy is effective.

Constipation: -  It is the problem of most of the population. We do not give much attention to nutritious food, which is important to carry out our body's day-to-day functions. Lack of proper diet has led to constipation in people. So, the Potion can work as an effective nutrition to end constipation in our body. Also, focus on consuming more water and a diet rich in fiber along with consumption of Abhayarishta.

Abdominal bloating: -  Excess gas and ineffective bowel movements lead to abdominal bloating, one can consume the potion to cut gas from the body.

Ascites: -  One of the properties of the potion is that it can also be used to prevent liver disorders and liver diseases related to alcohol consumption. Viral hepatitis and bacterial hepatitis can be treated with Abhayarishta. The toxins are removed and the free radicals are treated effectively. Its property being antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial can be used optimally.

Other herbs/potion for curing ascites is Asava, Choorna, Vati, Ghrita, Rasa, Lehya, Bhasma

Difficulty in urination:The antispasmodic property of this mixture of herbs relieves us from painful urinary tract infections. The infections are controlled and eliminated.

Side Effects of Abhayarishta

  • Mostly, children should not consume it so one must consult a physician before giving the dose to children.
  • Too much consumption may lead to loose motions, stomach ache, and gastrointestinal problems.
  • It is not prescribed to pregnant women as it has COLOCYNTH which is a cause of abortions in pregnant women.

Dosage & Administration

Infants and toddlers 0.5 - 1.0  ml per day
Up to 10 yrs old 2.5- 10   ml per day
10-20 yrs old 10 - 20   ml per day
Adults 30   ml per day
Above 60 yrs 20   ml per day

Abhayarishta potion can be had after the meal. It has to be mixed up with water in equal proportion and then consumed according to the dosage. 

Price: -  It can vary from 69/- to 139/- depending on the measure bought.

How long can we use the potion? 

It can be used up to 10 years. But it’s safer to check the details mentioned on the container before buying the product.

Availability of the potion

Abhayarishta by Zandu at https://indiameds.in/


As we know Abhayarishta is a liquid potion made of fermentation, it requires many Fruitful herbs.

They can be classified into,

Kwatha Dravya

Prakshepaka Dravya  

Sandhana Dravya.

Kwatha Dravya need: Haritaki, Madhuka Pushpa, Vidanga, Mridvika and Water

Prakshepaka Dravya: Chavya, Dhanyaka, Gokshura, Indravaruni,     Mocharasa, Trivit, Madhurika, Danti and Dhataki.

Sandhana Dravya:  Guda (jaggery).

Method of Preparation

1. Ready the Raw materials.
2. Powder the dravya fruits.
3. Wash the kwatha fruits, mridvika, and madhuka.
4. Add water to Kwatha Dravya and soak it overnight. Next day boil the solution and let only one fourth part of the solution stay. Filter the mixture through 5. Muslin cloth & collect the kwatha remain.
6. We need to add the sandhanadravya and Guda with kwatha, to mix and filter the same.
7. This filtered mixture must be transferred to a container and powdered form of dravya (prakshepaka).
8. We need to seal it tight.
9. Place it in a Fermentation room and keep a regular check on the container.
10.Again, after completion of the mixture, it must be filtered through the muslin cloth.
11.Transfer into a tight container.
12.Keep dry and store in a cool area.
13.It's Dark brown in color with a bitter taste.

Activities to undertake along with Abhayarishta consumption

1. One should not try to control defecation as far as possible. It leads to too much pressure in the pelvic area, which must be avoided.
2. Obesity is a problem for not just piles, but for the body. Exercising daily is a must.
3. Anal hygiene should be taken care of to avoid infections.
4. Hard surfaces must be avoided for a long time.

Diet to be followed

1. Water intake should be sufficient enough.
2. Vegetables which are rich in Folic acid, Fiber and Carbohydrates must be consumed.
3. Fruits rich in Vitamin C, K, and E need to be consumed adequately.
4. Also Beetroot, radish, Guava, Fig, Cucumber, Sweet potato, Bitter Gourd, Avocado, Oats, Barley, Eggs must be consumed to keep up the immunity as well as the balance of the body.