Introduction of Abhrak Bhasma

Abhrak Bhasma is the burnt residue of a Mineral, Mica. The minerals other name is Biotite. The process includes treating the mineral with herbal water decoctions which is followed by the process of Purification, Burning then Pulverizing.  Over 72 herbs are combined where Mica is the main ingredient. The juices, saps and then the decoctions of these herbs are later used in making the medicine. The product which is obtained is in the form of Powder.  This herb/medicine is used for Respiratory Disorders, Abdominal Distress, Mental illness and related disorders.

The other names of the medicine are

1. Mica nano-particles.
2. Biotite calx.
3. Oxidized mica.
4. Calcined Biotite.
5. Abar bhasm.
6. Mica ash.

Properties of Abhrak Bhasma

1. Anti-atherosclerosis
2. Antacid
3. Antidepressant
4. Anti-inflammatory
5. Aphrodisiac
6. Cardio-tonic
7. Powerful cellular regenerator
8. Heart tonic
9. General body tonic
10.Energy booster
13.Nervine stimulant
15.Nutritious tonic
16.Digestive stimulant

Health Benefits of Abhrak Bhasma

1. Treats Hepatitis, Asthma, Tuberculosis and Plague.
2. Good as a Cellular regenerator and also used as a Nerve tonic.
3. Treats Anemia and Respiratory tract Infection.
4. Treats Chronic bronchitis, Chest Congestion, Tuberculosis (If detected in the initial stages).
5. It improves the Blood Circulation, its conductivity and tissue tone.
6. Treats Digestive impairment.
7. Cures diseases like Cough, Urinary Disorders, and Diabetes.
8. It also cures, various types of skin conditions.
9. As it has a property of Anti-aging and Anti Hairfall, it is considered as a Rejuvenation treatment.
10.It is good for Male and Female fertility.
11.It increases the Red Blood Cells in our veins. Also, it increases the capacity of RBC’ to carry oxygen.
12.Restores Tissue and are an excellent Nerve tonic.
13.As it spreads faster in the whole body, it treats each and every issue.
14.Produces antiviral, antibacterial components which are beneficial for autoimmune diseases.
15.Disallows the onset of antibodies.
16.Treats breast cancer and shows the anticancer effects (in leukemia).
17.Good for anemic people and people suffering from jaundice. Also, it regulates the metabolism.
18.Good for diseases like Bells Palsy, Asthma, Chronic Dysentery, Stroke, paralysis and bone marrow depletion.
19.Treats rheumatism and Hepatitis.
20.Strengthens ligament, body and is very useful against joint pain and rheumatism. Treats Hyper-acidity, stomach ache, and headache.

Benefits of Abhrak Bhasma

1. Blood pressure

Due to high potassium and magnesium, the medicine is useful for the body. It usually treats very mild hypertension. The diastolic and systolic blood pressure is reduced in the case of high blood pressure. Mineral Magnesium relaxes the blood vessels and acts on the heart muscles. The Blood clots, which prevents effective blood circulation, are dilated and the blood pressure reduces eventually.

2. Heart diseases

It normalizes the heart size, improves the supply of the heart parts and is beneficial for angina pectoris. If the medicine is taken along with Pushkarmool,  Guggul, and Arjuna, it helps to dissolve blood clots and reduces the inflammation in blood vessels. The medicine also prevents atherosclerosis.

3. Tuberculosis

Abhrak Bhasma is useful to people suffering from tuberculosis when taken with chyawanprash and Swarna bhasma.It solves the issue of strength and metabolism. The time it takes is almost six months for the treatment.

4. Mental weakness & depression

Reduces sadness, anxiety, depression and stress in people.Gives essential nutrients for proper functioning of our brain. People who get easily provoked and anxious in tight situations are made stable by the medicine.

5. Alzheimer’s disease, Memory Loss, or Dementia

Abhrak Bhasma prevents memory loss and precludes the damage to nerves and neurons. 


























Medicines which contain Abhrak bhasma

1. Abhrak parpati.

2. Swarna bhupathi ras.

3. Mahayograj Guggul.

4. Panchamrit parpati.

5. Trailokya chintamani ras.

6. Pranda parpati.


1. Dhootpapeshwar Ltd.

2. Dabur Ltd.

3. Baidyanath Ltd.

4. Zandu Ltd.

5. Divya pharmacy Ltd.


1. For Adults the limit is up to 750 mg per day.

2. For Children the limit is up to 250 mg per day.

3. Toddlers below 1 year, 30 mg twice a day.

4. Children below 10 years, 125mg twice a day.

5. Adults should consume 125 to 375 milligram once or twice in a day.


It could be had with honey, Ginger Juice extract, Ghee, Guduchi decoction, Triphala kashaya, etc.


The drug should be had in required quantity.

Consulting a physician before consumption is advisable.

Side Effects of Abhrak Bhasma

1. If one experiences side effects like allergy and nausea, the medicine should be discontinued.

2. If your heart beat rises, stop the consumption of the medicine.

3. In case your heart beat has risen due to its consumption, then stop taking this medicine and consult your doctor. You may restart it after some days.

4. It is not prescribed to pregnant ladies.

5. One must keep it away in ulcerative conditions.