Introduction of Agnitundi Vati

Agni means fire in Ayurveda. It is an Ayurvedic formula which helps to strengthen the digestive capacity of the intestines. It’s a pure formula which contains aromatic, digestive and carminative herbs. These properties help reduce gas, indigestion, and encourage the natural digestion process.

It also restores normal digestion by stimulating the release of juices (digestive) through pancreas, liver, and small intestine. Agnitundi Vati is one of the pure herbal formulations which contain spices and salts along with herbs and condiments. There are other ingredients too, which are mentioned in the ingredient section. Usually, the absence of Vata (air) in the human body causes Nervousness, Abdominal colics, Constipation, Indigestion, Dryness and Gas formation. 

The medicine contains Nux-vomica seeds, which is known as Vishtinduka. It turns into a very powerful poison when consumed in large doses as it produces Tetanic convulsions which can lead to death. The detoxified ones are used to treat Arthritis, Muscle pain, Gout, Nerve pain; etc. (Provided the dosage is adequate)

Benefits of Agnitundi Vati

1. It reduces a cough and Vata.
2. It gives strength to the heart.
3. It improves appetite, digestion, and taste.
4. It shows the beneficial effect on Vata-Kapha dominant liver diseases.
5. It regularizes bowel movements and gives relief from constipation.

Treatment using Agnitundi Vati

1. Loss of appetite
2. Loss of taste
3. Indigestion, Abdominal gas, Abdominal pain, colic
4. Intestinal worms
5. Fever due to indigestion
6. Diarrhoea,
7. Dysentery
8. Amavata
9. Excellent medicine for gas formation, weak intestines
10.A great remedy for flatulence, gas
11.Improves digestion and intestinal movement & secretions.
12.Helps in providing relief to intestinal colic, abdominal colic and renal colic.

Advantages of Agnitundi Vati

1. Uses standardized and 100 percent natural herbal extracts and powders.
2. High-quality product with good prices
3. Vegetarian
4. Ingredients are safe and natural
5. Hardly any side effects are found
6. No flavors and chemical components are added
7. Not tested on animals either.

How It treats problems

1. This herbal formulation helps to relieve indigestion, constipation, and loss of appetite.
2. It relieves pain in the abdomen and even gas.
3. It reduces flatulence and improves the appetite of the individual.
4. It relieves intestinal infections as well as disorders.
5. It stimulates pancreas, liver, and intestines.
6. It eliminates gaseous distention of abdomen, pain in the abdomen, due to gas and acidity.
7. It helps with excretion of digestive juices and is sour in taste.

Ingredients of Agnitundi Vati

1. Cumin
2. Ginger
3. Salt
4. Triphala
5. Plumbgo
6. Piper nigrum
7. Piper longum
8. Embelia Ribes


1-2 tablets can be had thrice a day.
Water is used along with the medicine.
For infants, the quantity is half tablet.
For children, it is one to two tablets twice a day.

Side effects

1. Contains heavy metal components, so must be held under strict consult with a physician.
2. Overdose may lead to poisonous effects.
3. Blood pressure patients must not have it as it has salt in it.
4. Pregnant women must not consume it.


1. Agnitundi Vati by Baidhyanath
2. Agnitundi Vati by Dabur
3. Agnitundi Vati by Doodhapapeshwar
4. Agnitundi Vati by Planet Ayurveda

Life of the medicine

It’s usually five years after manufacturing, but one must check the label before purchasing the medicine.