Introduction of Anu Tail

Anu Tail is an herbal oil. It is used to undertake Nasya treatment. Here, Nasya refers to the nasal oil drops. Anu thailam is the other name of Anu Tail.

Nasya Karma

Errhine therapyis designed which is be snuffed into our nose. It is the Ayurvedic term for such administration of the medicine through nostrils. It is defined as one of the therapeutic measures where oil after decoction is used with ghee, juice, and Churn is administered through our nose in order to eliminate Dosha in our head.

The nose is considered a gateway toward our head, nerves as well as Nasya karma, so it helps to deliver the medicine to our brain. Nasya Karma is used in diseases of supraclavicular areas or areas which are above our collar bone. They (symptoms) include a headache, graying of hairs, migraine, baldness, facial palsy, earache, speech problems, cough, cold, sinusitis, tonsillitis rhinitis etc. It is one of the significant treatment for Diseases related to head and neck.

Nasya however, is avoided in cases of, acute coryza, acute fever, excessive secretion from a person’s nose and also indigestion. For Nasya purpose, the oil is specifically instilled in our nose. As a word of precaution, The head must not be shaken during the treatment of Nasya karma, while talking, laughing, sneezing. It should be avoided. 

Uses of Anu Tail

1. It gives strength to our Nose, Eyes, Ears, and Throat. The diseases which are related to the above organs are treated with this herbal oil

2. It has a Tridosha balancing effect.

3. It is meant to treat Headache, Premature Gray hair, Hair fall, etc.

4. Strengthen the command over voice

5. Used to treat nasal diseases related to Nose, Ear and Throat Pain

6. The treatment involved using the Oil must be conducted by the doctor himself.

Ingredients of Anu Tail

  1. Jivanti
  2. Devadaru
  3. Madhuka
  4. Musta
  5. Agaru
  6. Shatavari
  7. Kamala
  8. Bilva
  9. Utpala
  10. Brihati
  11. Kantakari
  12. Shalaparni
  13. Prishnaparni
  14. Vidanga
  15. patra
  16. Ela
  17. Renuka
  18. Tail
  19. Goat milk 

Benefits of Anu Tail

It spreads to the minutest channels because of its Vyavayi Gunna and Sukshma, it removes all the DOSHA.

1. It has an anti-inflammatory property and so it affects the nasal mucosa, on inhibiting the mediators from the basophils and the mast cells.
2. This is by blocking the effect of leucocytes inside the nose.
3. Removes all the obstruction from the body
4. It also removes extra phlegm from our head, throat and neck region.
5. Mobilizes the kaphadi doshas.
6. Strengthens the ligaments and builds tendons of the upper part of the body.
7. Strengthens the overall organs of the body
8. Gives sharp eyes and Ears
9. Prevents premature gray hair
10.Eliminates awareness of Wrinkles on Face
11.Regulates glowing skin as well as speech Clarity

Uses of Anu Tail

  1. Diseases of head as well as neck
  2. Chronic sinusitis
  3. Cold
  4. Cough
  5. Nasal discharge
  6. Swelling
  7. Throat irritation
  8. Itching
  9. Nasal blockage
  10. Loss of smell
  11. Watery nasal discharge
  12. Hay Fever
  13. Facial paralysis
  14. Headache
  15. Migraine
  16. Hair fall
  17. Premature Graying 
  18. Stiffness of neck
  19. Lock jaw
  20. Stiffness in shoulder
  21. Emaciation of shoulder
  22. Emaciation of chest muscles
  23. Wasting in cervical region
  24. Dryness of skin

How to use Anu Tail

1. We can surely massage the oil on our face, head and nose area.
2. We must lie down and tilt our head slightly backwards. We must face the ceiling.
3. We need to take some cotton so we can put some 2 to 6 drops of the oil, inside the nostril.

It is important that we inhale the oil through our nose and also keep the other nostril closed.

1. One must so the same with the other nostril
2. The palms, Ears, Soles and Forehead must be rubbed for a few minutes. The unwanted and accumulated cough then is felt inside our throat and all we need to do is spit that out.
3. One should follow the same for a period of 2 to 3 weeks on a daily basis

How to administer Anu Tail

In case of a standard treatment, a gentle massage on the head and the face is given as a part of the treatment. It is followed by putting the oil drops on each nostril. The installation depends on innumerable factors like the condition of the disease, Age factor, Extent of Infection, Imbalance in DOSHA, etc.

Preparation of Anu Tail

Bark of Darvi
Prapaunda rika
Sookshma Ela



The above drugs must be boiled with 100 times of the pure water (Rain) Equal to the quantity of the oil

Then, it is reduced to 10 percent of the quantity of the oil

The oil must get boiled in the process of decoction

At the last stage of boiling, an equal proportion of the Goat milk must be added to the solution.

This is the known method to prepare Anu Tail, which is used for the process of Inhillation

The limited dosage of the oil is 24 ml. (Day basis)


Sri Sri Ayurveda Anu Taila 

Lion Anu Tail

Side effects of Anu Tail

Must follow the instructions given by the practitioner.

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Description of the medicine

Medicated oil is reddish brown in color.


Must be stored in a cool and dry place.

It must be stored in Glass container