Introduction of Arad khurma

It is a medication used to treat the sexual disorder in Men. It is manufactured from a mixture of dates as well as other seeds. It possesses powerful properties which are said to increase the sperm count in men.

Ingredients of Arad khurma

a. Myristica fragrans 7.19 mg
b. Myrtus Caryophyllus 14.38 mg
c. Gossypium indicum 28.756 mg
d. Asparagus racemosus 287.61 mg
e. Corylus Aveliana 143.80 g
f. Trapa Bispinosa 1.150 g
g. Sugar 5.752 g

Benefits of Arad Khurma

Sperm count

The incidence of male infertility or impotency has gradually increased over a period of years. The cause can be shifted to the over-consumption of fast food, Proteins, Tea, Drinks, Coffee, Alcohol etc. The lifestyle is extremely unhealthy and results in the lack of fertility. Hence, Arad khurma reverses the impact of bad health in men and brings more fertility instead. Complete cure is not possible, but arad khurma works to some extent. The possibility of getting their female partners pregnant is more. That is, the chances are more as the healthy sperms reaching the uterus of female counterparts, for further fertilization, is more.

Difficulty while having sex

It is also helpful to treat the loss of Libido in Males. It acts as an aphrodisiac and helps to increase the desire to have sex. The performance is men is also increased. The blood supply to vital organs is retained and it helps men to be better in sexual performance.

Digestive problems

It helps in passing stool easily.  It Relieves a person for the problem of constipation and gas.

Other benefits

1. It gives strength and is very nutritious to health as it consists of herbs
2. It helps with weakness
3. Increases the density of sperm count
4. Helps to gain weight
5. It's a tonic

 Side effects of Arad Khurma

It is naturally prepared so the side effects are also less or negligible.

But, cases of gastric problems are reported.

However, with correct dosage, as advised by a physician, one can avoid such side effects.


The dose is usually 10 grams  per day

It is best to have it in the morning.

One can take it with milk

It is best to avoid certain products while on medication, like cigarette and alcohol

Regularity in Physical exercises, Diet and sleep are a necessity. Hence, the medicine,  Arad khurma treats premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, debility, hypospermia and bad performance.


1. Date fruit 500 gram
2. Acasia Gum 500 gram
3. Water chestnut 500 gram
4. almond 50 gram
5. Pine nuts 50 gram
6. Hazel 50 gram
7. Levant cotton 10 gram
8. clove 6 grams
9. mace 3 gram
10.Nutmeg 3 gram
11.Shahd 250 gram
12.Taranjebin Manna 250 gram

How to prepare arad Khurma.

1. Take all the raw material, the herbs together.
2. Turn them into powder
3. Make a concentrated syrup of Taranjebin, honey, and water. It must be thick.
4. Heat it for a while and remove it after few minutes
5. The add powder mixture and keep stirring well.
6. Keep it under preservation inside a glass bottle.




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