Withania somnifera is another name for Ashwagandha. It is made of natural Ayurvedic herbs which help us to increase our ability to memorize details. This herb was brought into use many years ago, hence is a traditional herb of India. It consists of Indian cherries (winter) that helps us eliminate the weakness in our body. It’s used as a tonic or Rasayan than improving our health. The other term for ashwagandha Churna is Indian ginseng. It provides immense energy to our body too. This powder or Churna is made by mixing and grinding different parts of the Ashwagandha plant and powdered into fine pieces. The best way to consume this Churna is to mix it with milk or water.

There are bioactive ingredients in this Churna that also improves our hormonal balance, mental ability, immunity and reduces weight.

It’s traditional to countries like India, Middle East, and Africa. The roots, leaves, and berries of Ashwagandha are utilized as supplements for various products. 


Pure extract of Ashwagandha Plant.

Properties of Ashwagandha

1. It is called Ginseng as it possesses rejuvenating properties. It has great effects on the endocrine system.
2. Hormonal balance can be treated by Ashwagandha Churna as it has the capacity to normalize thyroid functions.
3. As a plant, it is familiar to tomato and potato plants. The fruit, roots and seeds of Ashwagandha plant contain Phytonutrients which include Flavonoids, alkaloids, and lactones.
4. Adaptogenic substances are non-toxic substances. They simultaneously affect body systems. Finally, they strike a good balance in bodily functions. This is a herb known to be an adaptogen.

Ayurvedic benefits of Ashwagandha

The roots, leaves, as well as fruits of the plant, are utilized in Ayurvedic diets & treatments. The herb is recommended to be utilized within the following ways:

1. The leaves when crushed and applied as paste reduces swelling and inflammation
2. The massage oil of Ashwagandha is good for sleeplessness, paralysis etc.
3. It improves fertility in men
4. Enhances solution to problems like rheumatism, common debility, settles nervous tension, sharpening our memory and muscle strength. It also improves our body energy and its vitality. It helps in rebuilding worn out body system due to overwork, exhaustion and stress.
5. It encourages body weight in skinny children.
6. Regulates blood sugar level and cholesterol level
7. Powder when mixed with oil and applied on the skin is extremely beneficial.
8. Powdered Ashwagandha deals with common cold
9. Deals with syphilis when the paste of the leaves is applied
10.Pepper, honey, and Ashwagandha root can be used to treat tuberculosis.
11.Ghee and honey when mixed with Ashwagandha root helps you in building tissue of the body and improving the overall strength of the body.

In what form can we use Ashwagandha

1. We can use 600-800 mg of Ashwagandha.
2. We can prepare a tonic of Ashwagandha and consume it each morning and evening. Boil ¾ tsp of herb in milk or water, cook for 15 mins and its ready.
3. It’s a beautiful skin toner when mixed with a large quantity of almond milk. Add some rose water for additional benefits.
4. Create some paste by crushing the leaves and adding water. It reduces skin inflammation.
5. The berries are also used to make cheese and yogurt. The roots are boiled in milk, so there are no infects remaining.

Health Benefits of Ashwagandha



Vata Regulator


Sterility in women


Immune System


Reduced Blood sugar

 Anti-Ageing Capacity

Skin Care

More energy

Athletic performance


Weight loss


Stress buster

Cardiovascular  Health



Increased, Blood





Urinary Disorder



1. 500 mg, either one time or twice a day.
2. Maximum quantity in a day is 3000mg.
3. One teaspoon of powder with milk or water.
4. It can be had after half an hour break after meal.
5. The Churna is quite safe even after several months of use.


1. Water consumption should be 2 -4 liter a day.
2. More vegetables and fruits must be included in the diet.
3. Junk food must be avoided.


It can be used for a long period of time as it does not give any side effects.


Results can be seen in 3 to 4 weeks.


1. It may cause a drop in Blood pressure.
2. Disturbance in the digestive tract.
3. May increase thyroid levels.
4. Not prescribed for pregnant women.