Introduction of  Ashwagandharishta

It’s an Ashwagandha based liquid used in Ayurveda. It treats a variety of problems like Neurological, Physical, and Mental problems. It’s a medicine in the form of a tonic. It improves our overall health and helps us fight deadly diseases. It contains little alcohol about 5-10% as it is prepared out of the fermentation process. The fertility in Men and Women improves as it helps them with reproductive activity. This is one of the overall Health Tonic, which today is highly demanded its excellent and effective properties.

Benefits of  Ashwagandharishta 

1. Anti-stress
2. Antioxidant
3. Anti-anxiety
4. Immunomodulator
5. Aphrodisiac
6. Adaptogen
7. General tonic
8. Anti-inflammatory
9. Uterine tonic, Antidepressant

Secondary Actions of Ashwagandharishta

1. Sedative
2. Heart tonic
3. Stimulates digestion
4. Energy booster
5. Analgesic
6. Athlete or sports supplement
7. Physical weakness
8. Improves weight
9. Boosts Energy
10.Good for Anorexia
11.Boosts Sleep in Insomniac


1. Chronic headache
2. Memory loss
3. Brain Atrophy
4. Vertigo

Women’s Health

1. Postpartum depression
2. Uterine weakness
3. Miscarriages
4. Anxiety or mental stress
5. Female infertility

Uses of Ashwagandharishta

Reproductive Problems in Men

It improves general health in Men and it boosts their stamina. The blood supply in the body increases and it enhances the fertility in men. The major cause of less fertility is targeted and improved. Thus, it corrects the imbalance of hormones (one of the main reason of infertility) in Men. Also, the chances of conception in females are more after using the tonic.

Bone problems

Bone problems like Osteoporosis and Arthritis are tackled greatly and the patient starts improving in the early stages of consuming the medicine. As it is anti-inflammatory in nature, it treats the tissues which help to reduce pain, redness and swelling around it. The quality of life of the patient increases efficiently. Ashwagandharishta brings high calcium and minerals, thereby increasing our bone density as well as strengthening our bones. It helps us prevent brutal, bone Fractures.

Women’s health

The fertility in women is increased by consuming this Tonic, this increases the chance in women to conceive babies. Women with a history of Miscarriages can also relieve themselves as it lowers the chances of miscarriage considerably. The uterus, which helps in delivery among women, is strengthened to facilitate normal delivery.

Postpartum depression

It’s a kind of depression a woman faces after delivering a baby. Women feel nervous and unstable after that. The tonic treats this problem and acts on the nervous system of the woman's body. The imbalance in neurotransmitters is corrected and things go back to normal.

Physical and mental weakness

Ashwagandha brings Vitality. As it possesses the property of being an Adaptogenic as well as an Antioxidant, it acts on the adrenal glands of human beings who face problems such as weakness. This brings balance in hormones and stabilizes brain function.

The intellectual capability of an individual is improved and one can notice more clarity in perceiving thoughts and decision. The body is rejuvenated and revitalized promptly. 


People who suffer from restlessness, headache, Fatigue, Sleeplessness, bad appetite and suicidal tendencies have good chances to treat themselves on consuming the medicine. The tonic corrects the balance in the neurotransmitters of the nervous system.


The herbal ingredients of this medicine are
a) Musli
b) Ashwagandha
c) Haritaki
d) Manjistha
e) Nisha
f) Daruharidra
g) Yashtimadhu
h) Rasna
i) Vidari
j) Arjuna
k) Mustak 
m) Trivrit
n) Shweta
o) Rakt Candana
p) Vacha
q) Chitraka

After preparing solution following herbs are added

1. Dhataki flower
2. Tejpatta
3. Black pepper
4. Ela (cardamom)
5. Ginger, dried
6. Dalchini (Cinnamon)
7. Nagkesar
8. Priyangu

Dosage and Administration

Children (above 5 years only)

10 ml

Adults (5 to 30 years)

20 ml


Not Recommended

Lactating Mothers (only after doctor’s consent)

20 ml

Geriatric (above 60 years)

20 ml

Maximum Possible Dosage

Up to 50 ml per day (in all)

The medicine/tonic must be had after 2 meals each.

It can be had with an equal quantity of water.

Side effects of  Ashwagandharishta 

It may give us digestive disturbances.

So, patients suffering from peptic ulcers, thyroid disorder must not have it.

Caution & Side Effects

May lead to
Sore throat/mouth


Can be used on children above five years of age

 It is better to avoid it during pregnancy
 Also lactating mothers need to strictly consult a doc.







Doctors prescribe it from 2 weeks to four months, based on the extent of the problem
Life of the medicine
The life is 10 years, however, its best to check it on the container of the medicine itself.
The mixture must be kept away from too much light and extreme moisture in the surrounding.

As it contains alcohol and honey in it, they act as a strong preservative which helps us to use the medicine for a long time.
We need not refrigerate it either.


The list of the first set of medicinal herbs is added along with water

They are to be boiled at a high temperature and steamed until the quantity is reduced to less than 13 liters.

Honey and (powdered) prakshepa is further added and kept in a container for a month. The fermentation process takes place which gives the medicine an alcoholic property.

It's filtered after that and preserved to be used.