Introduction of Sandal soap

Sandal soap is made out of Chandan powder. And Chandan powder is obtained from a Sandalwood tree. These trees are not many in numbers, but their demand is abundant all over the world. Most of the time, the tree is used to make furniture, as the wood is stronger and of a durable quality.

But, when it comes to beauty benefits, Chandan powder has been the only rescue for most of the cosmetic company's. They obtain the bark of the trees and produce the powder from the bark. This tree must be well mature, as a mature tree fetches better output.

In India, Mysore is extremely popular to manufacture sandal soaps. It was first produced/ manufactured by the (Karnataka) Government Soap Factory. The factory was set up in the year 1916 by the Mysore Maharaja, and Sir M. Visvesvaraya.

The company is the largest producer of sandalwood oil, all over the world. It fetches 80 percent of supplies in the world.

‘Fragrance ambassador' is the recognition the company is given due to its extensive supply. 

The benefits of the soap are as follows

1. Best Moisturizer

The soap is made out of Sandalwood oil. As mentioned early, it is extracted from mature trees and then further processed to form silky soaps. They are extremely nourishing and soft to our skin. Once washed, our skin is left with a supple and hydrated feeling.On using, the body shall glow and smell great through out the day. The skin never gets extremely oily as the soap acts as a natural moisturizer to our skin 

2. Body smell

It has a different, Woody, Sweet and a Warm fragrance. The fragrance becomes a part of your personality and reflects a better you. There is no artificial mix of alcohol or paraben which some company's use to manufacture a long lasting perfume. In spite of no chemical presence, the body retains the Chandan smell on the skin and we feel fresh throughout the day.

3. Beauty benefits; Anti-aging

The fine lines, Freckles, Wrinkles and spots which are the signs of anti aging vanish from a prolonged use of the sandalwood soap. We all are a part of nature. The more we use this natural product the better we live our life. There is no doubt, of how this tree is so beneficial to a human in different ways.

It rejuvenates our skin cells and encourages production of new cells, replacing the old ones.

4. Stress buster

It is a popular for its aromatherapy too! The stress and hypertensive problems of human beings eliminate once a message from this oil is received. You feel fresher and your stress remains at bay, throughout the day.

5. Itching

An itching skin is either due to infection or due to dry skin. As sandal soap moisturizes the skin, the dryness is reduced and the moisturized skin settles with freshness. It has the medical property to cure all types of allergies.

Scars are reduced and acne vanishes

It's a skin tonic. All the skin problems like marks, lines, wrinkles, age spots, tan, acne are reduced and fought. The main problem of skin issues is oil and lack of balance inside the body. This is improved by using the soap by taking care of the problem outside the body.

6. Even skin tone

Sandalwood has an antimicrobial property which means it prevents tan, restores the skin health and heals the skin completely. The dead skin cells which block the rejuvenating function are removed and new growth is facilitated. by this, skin becomes glowy and smooth.

7. Sunburn

Sandalwood is a cooling agent. The soap or its paste can be used as a natural healer for their skin. People put it on hair temples to prevent or reverse the impact of sun tan

8. Insomnia

People these days have trouble sleeping properly, the reason is gadgets and their scattered thoughts. Sandalwood soap by its aromatic property calms your senses and eases your thought process. By taking a shower before bed, using the soap. One can feel more relaxed and distressed at the end of the day.

The mind and muscles are rid of the tensed feelings and one can bring oneself a good night sleep

9. Antiseptic

It is good to cure problems like boils, rashes, ringworms, cuts, blackheads, etc. It has an antiseptic property, which can be felt when one applies it to the affected area. It is a natural way to heal yourself rather than putting a solid antiseptic

Some combination which suits the oil for making the soap are, Rose, Jasmine, Lavender and Eucalyptus oil. These are popular and one of the best remedies for a person's natural skin. They are sulfate free, Paraben free and chemical free. They boost your natural beauty