Introduction of Habbe Nishat

Habbe Nishat is a herbal medicine which helps male with infertility problems and helps them work better in toward their reproductive activity. It strengthens their muscles and increases their stamina to increase the chances of their female partners to get pregnant. So, it deals with impotency issue and helps women to conceive.

When must a person consume it

1. In case a person is suffering from,

2. Sexual debility

3. Low Virility

4. Erectile Dysfunction

5. Spermatorrhoea.

6. Dissolution of semen

7. Premature Ejaculation

8. Low Virility

9. Vigour & Vitality

10.Semen Density

11.Low Sperm Count

12.Sexual Potency

13.Semen Motility

14,Semen Viscosity

15.Male Infertility

Ingredients used for the medicine

1. Marwarid,

2. Zafran 

3. Ambar

4. Myristica fragrans

5. Palaemon curcinus

6. Argyeria speciosa

7. Expenients of Silicate ( magnesia and iron)

8. Crocus sativus

9. Mynistica fragrans

10.Stannous calcined

Dosage and Administration

The medicine is available in a pill format

One can have it with Milk or warm water twice, during the day

That will be in the morning once and later in the evening.

As it affects the reproductive cycle of males, in particular, the dosage, duration, and quantity are important to be known by the patient.

It must strictly be prescribed by a doctor or a physician.


Habbe Nishat (20 pills) by Hamdard.

Habbe Nishat by New Shama 10 Pill

Habbe Nishat (10 Pills) by Rex