Introduction of Hamdard Safi

Hamdard Safi Blood Purifier is a Unani Medicine. It is meant to detoxify the blood in our body and improve the texture of skin. It helps to bring glow and greater complexion. The indications when one must use Hamdard Safi is when one gets pimples, boils, spots, blemishes or any other skin allergy on our face. The digestion, an important process of our body, is linked to the condition of the skin. Hamdard Safi clears the present toxins in the digestive system.  Apart from this, it is also beneficial to stop nose bleeding, improper digestion and some other conditions of Pitta. 

Ingredients of Hamdard Safi

Senna 160.45mg

Gulab Phool 24.77mg

Safed Chandan 11.36mg

Haritaki 22.04 mg

Chiraita 17.38 mg

Mundi 15.45 mg

Shahtara 22.72 mg

Nem Bark 19.43 mg

Zarambaad 11.36 mg

Chobchini 11.36 mg

Sankhaahuli 14.09mg

Ushba 5.68 mg

Chakshu 9.09 mg

Bekh kaasni 9.09 mg

Revand cheeni 22.72 mg

Mileh firangi 1.25 g

Shora desi 227.27 mg

Qand sadaid up to 5 ml

Unaab 11.36 mg

Brahmi 9.09 mg

Sarfooka 18.06 mg

Post keekar bark - 42.84 mg

Daru haldi 9.43 mg

Burge tulsi 13.4 mg

Kachnaar  15.45 mg

Neelkanthi 16.13 mg

Burge kasundi 13.40 mg

Narkachur 11.36 mg

Giloy 14.09 mg

Burada Sheesham 13.4 mg

Turbud 25.45 mg

Safi is usually a little bitter in taste as most of its ingredients are bitter themselves!

Benefits of Hamdard Safi

Acne  Vulgaris

It is popularly used among teenagers or young adults who face the problems of skin problem more than the other crowd. It has a property of being anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, which reduces the inflammation on the uppermost skin layer. Also, Safi helps to prevent the onset of bacterial infection which causes acne and pigmentation. The scar which remains on the skin vanishes eventually. Safi must be consumed for at least 4 weeks, with a dosage of two teaspoons three times a day.


The blemishes and dark spots on the skin are reduced by Hamdard Safi. The increased heat, Pitta in our body leads to excess blemishes. The treatment by Safi stabilises the heat and works as a great solution. The results are positive, which are found after using the medicine for at least six months on a daily basis. The dosage is two teaspoons twice daily.

Medicinal properties of Hamdard Safi



Mild Laxative

Anti inflammatory


Anti oxidant





Mild Antiemorrhagic



Anti hyperlipidemic

Natural antacid

Anti pruritic

Anti viral

Anti toxin

Side effects of Hamdard Safi

Senna as a component has few side effects. It is one of the habits forming Laxative. The component must not be used while pregnant or lactating or in the case of intestinal problems. Inflammatory problems in the stomach must not have. children under 12 years of age must not have it too.

The chronic use of the component in the diet may cause loss of electrolyte in our body, potassium ions, which can result in albuminuria, inhibition of intestinal motility and haematuria. Potassium loss is termed potentiate cardiac glucosides which have an impact on antiarrhythmic medication


It is mildly laxative which treats constipation. It is popularly known to treat various skin diseases, boils, sores, itchy, piles, diarrhea, dyspepsia, gout, rheumatism, vomiting, biliousness. also, it treats urinary diseases like dysuria, strangury, stones in the bladder, spleen problems and other ailments which are a cause of indulging excessively in alcohol


It is a treatment for weakness in digestive, dermatosis, oedema, urinary diseases, fever (irregular), purifies the blood. Has a laxative impact.

It must be taken in cases of acute diarrhea, early stages of dysentery and acute coughs


It is for leLeprosy, eruptions, Boils and Vomiting. it considered good for a cold.


It has another name, Margosa. The bark of the tree is very cool and bitter. It has an astringent and acrid property. The bark is, however, useful for worms in the intestine.  it also deals with boils, wounds, rashes, Jaundice, leprosy, ulcers, skin disorders, chicken pox, tiredness, fever, worm infestation and loss of appetite.

It heals all types wounds caused under the given conditions and  deals with  them efficiently


This ingredient is also used in a similar case. it deals with skin problems as it possesses a property of anthelmintic. it is a strong astringent which contracts and strengthens mucus (a type of membrane) throughout a person body.


This is a type of shrub which has its origin from Menispermaceae family. it is available throughout India. The other name for giloy is Guduchi, gurcha, Galac, Amrita etc. It is considered as one of the primary drugs in Ayurveda. It is in the form of Rasayan and it treats diseases related to delibility, diabetes, dyspepsia, jaundice, the sensation of burning, edema, immunostimulant, antioxidant, anti-cancer, etc.

Dosage and Administration

It can be taken up to 3 to 4 weeks of the treatment.

It must be taken once a day, with a glass of water, before breakfast.

For children above 12 years of age, one teaspoon will be sufficient.

Fried food and spicy food must be avoided.

It is advisable to consume light food.

The container must be placed in dry and cool place

It is 5 ml for children

For adults, it is 10 ml

The dosage must be divided into two divided doses throughout the day.

The medicine must be had half an hour or one hour before a meal.

It can be had with warm water, as water helps the medicine to easily get diluted into the body and dissolved in the body.

Precautions of Hamdard Safi

Pregnant ladies must not have it

Lactating mothers must c also not have it

The frequency of activity of urination may increase

Weight loss is generally reported.


Hamdard Safi 200 Ml


It varies based on the quantity purchased, the range is from 80 to 190 Rs.