Introduction of Hingwastak Churn

Hingwastak Churn is more of a herbal spice, rather than a medicine. It is an ayurvedic mixture of varied herbs, which treats the problems of Indigestion in a human being. It is extremely useful and reliable in nature. It is in powdered form, so it has to be added to a liquid solution to make it consumable.

Hing means Asa Foetida. It acts as the main ingredient here

The other half, Ashta means- Eight (8) This is an indication which says that the herb includes 8 ingredients. Churn means powder. The other names for Hingwastak is Hingastak churn and Hingwastak churn

Ingredients of Hingwastak Churn

1. Long pepper
2. Black pepper
3. Ginger
4. Black salt
5. Ajamoda
6. Shweta Jeeraka
7. Krishna Jeeraka
(This means Black as well as white cumin seeds)

1. Ghee
2. Hingu

Dosage of Hingwastak Churn

The adequate dose is 1 to 3 grams

One can mix it with a little ghee, then take it with the first and last meal of the day, two times a day. 

Benefits of Hingwastak Churn

1. Great digestive treatment

2. Treats Indigestion and Anorexia

3. Balances the VATA energy and further VATA related problems like osteoporosis, Bloating or joint problems.

4. It's a supplement for Arthritis (Rheumatoid)

5. Its effects on Tridosha: The Pitta and Vata energy are greatly balanced

Side Effects and Precaution of Hingwastak Churn

1. In some cases,  stomach irritation was reported.

2. It has salt as an ingredient so heart patients or Diabetic patient must avoid, as it leads to an increase in Blood Pressure.

3. One should definitely not self medicate such medicines

4. Practitioners or a Physicians consult is a must

5. It is safe for lactating mothers.

6. The doses are low when it comes to children

7. Overdose could be dangerous to health

When must a person consume this medicine

  1. Loss of appetite
  2. Pain in abdomen
  3. Indigestion
  4. Constipation
  5. Flatulence
  6. Loss of taste


Ghee or Warm water. 


The  ingredients are mixed well and  powdered separately in the given quantity 


Must be stored in cool place and an air tight container.

Expiry date

6 months from the date of opening the container


Kalera Hingwastak Churna 

Baidyanath Hingwastak Churna