Introduction of Isabgol 

Isabgol (Psyllium husk) is the other name for Isabgol. It is commonly used to get relief from constipation problem. It is a dietary supplement for Fiber, which also has some bulk-forming laxative property. Isabgol is not fermented as it gets swollen by getting absorbed in the water, this in return leads to a rise in stool output. It eliminates constipation problem by stimulating the intestine areas. The Ispaghula seeds can absorb more than 9 times of its weight, particularly in water. Also, almost 12 times it helps with regulating the large bowel movements of the body.

According to  Ayurveda, Psyllium is said to be a pungent, cooling and an astringent thing, which helps to balance Pitta, Kapha and Vata Dosha. It helps to decrease some swelling in the digestive tract of a person and also gives literal relief to piles and constipation. It may cause gas due to its content.

Psyllium plant is stemless, small and it grows annually. The plant here belongs to the Genus Plantago and the family Plantaginaceae. About 200 species are there in this genus as well as ovata, psyllium. It is commercially cultivated to obtain the psyllium husk. 

Other names for Isabgol are

1. Isabgol Bhusi
2. Isabgol
3. Isapagula husk
4. Bazre-Qutuna
5. Ispaghula
6. Shikamdarida
7. Isapppa

What psyllium husk consists of:

1. Xylan backbone
2. Hemicelluloses
3. Arabinose rhamnose
4. Carbohydrates
5. Galacturonic acid units
6. Protein
7. Glycosides
8. Tannin
9. Fixed oil
10.Palmetic acids
11.Linoleic acid

How Psyllium Husk Works

The husk passes through our small intestine to our large intestine. Its very good at absorbing water and it swells ten times bigger than usual. This leads to the formation of some soft stool bulk and this manages to moves easily due to its jelly appearance. It leads to normal movements in an individual's bowel motion.

Medicinal Uses of Isabgol 

1. Non-habit forming laxative
2. Nourishing
3. Diuretic
4. Cooling
5. Expectorant
6. Anti-inflammatory
7. Antitussive
8. Lowers blood sugar absorption
9. Antihyperglycaemic
10.Anti-peptic ulcer
11.Bad cholesterol lowering
12.Antidysenteric and Anti-oxidant
13.Blood pressure lowering
14.Restores and maintains bowel regularity
15.Lipid lowering
16.Cleanses the colon

Health Benefits of Isabgol

1.As a Laxative, it is useful in Constipation

As it is laxative in nature, it helps with the promotion of our both large and small bowel movements of our body. It is very high in its mucilage content. Mucilage is considered to be a clear and colorless agent which absorbs water and helps to raise the volume in water. So, this works in the process of Isabgol to help pass the stool effectively, without any hindrance. 

2.Useful for Diarrhea

The gastric time we are habitual with is changed and a little slowed down. This helps with slow and proper digestion process and elimination of fieces. One can combine cold water with lemon juice and drink the mixture. One can achieve the best results thereafter.

3.Reduces our Blood pressure instantly

It is extremely useful to lower hypertension and our blood pressure. 

4.Good for Bowel Diseases

a). It treats and prevents Bowel problems.

b). Following are the related bowel problems, people often face

c). Diverticulosis

d). Irritable bowel syndrome

e). Inflammatory bowel disease

 f). Chronic colitis psyllium

Some curd or buttermilk as an additional supplement can be had for best results. 

5.Useful for Piles

It is used for Bleeding and Dry piles. It helps with curing and preventing constipation activity. It leaves a cooling effect on our entire body. Some 2 teaspoons of the medicines husk along with buttermilk or water can be had for a series of five months. 

6.Lowers Blood Sugar, and thus improve the condition of Diabetic patients

It allows extremely slow sugar absorption in people. This does not let the sugar get mixed in the blood that easily. At least, 5 grams of dose twice a day would do. Also, it is advisable to take the dose before dinner and before breakfast. A diabetic patient can take this on a daily basis. It is quite safe and natural.

7.Reduces the level of blood cholesterol

It leads to a rise in high-density HDL/lipoprotein/HDL cholesterol. This is a type of good cholesterol. This lowers the risk of heart problems and improper blood pressure. To keep one self-fit and healthy its is extremely important to keep good cholesterol instead of a  bad one. The consumption of the husk will eventually reduce the ratio of LDL/HDL.

8.Lowers the Lipid activity

It has a property that reduces the blood lipid rapidly. A consumption od 9.6 grams of psyllium a day for a series of 5 days can reduce serum triglycerides up to 9 percent. The effects are favorable on the lipoprotien profile.

9.Helps with reduction of plasma triacylglycerol

In a research, those with heart conditions with a diet incorporated with low saturated fats and low cholesterol food consumed with of psyllium husk had their plasma triacylglycerol content reduced by 6.7%. 

10.Is a  Probiotic and an Antioxidant

It has a probiotic effect which promotes the growth of required bacteria in our guts. Also used for treating fissures, diabetes, acidity, cleansing colon and weight loss.


Constipation problem: About 2 teaspoon of it can be had 2 or 3 times a day. One can have it with milk, water or curd.

Powdered seed husk can be stirred in some 150 ml of water and drink promptly.

The powdered seed husk must be stirred in 150 ml water and be drunk immediately, after consumption, a large amount of water should be consumed.


One can consume it with water before bedtime.

Results will be visible in few days 

Precaution and few suggestions

1. Must not buy in Isabgol capsules.

2. Naturally, the flavored thing must be bought.

3. Nicely packaged and a trusted brand must be purchased

4. It is better to start slow with this medicine as it has a high dose of fiber in it.

5. One can eventually increase the quantity over the period of time.

6. One should not use it with antiperistaltic.

7. Consulting a doctor is always recommended.

Side effects of Isabgol

1. It is rare to see an allergic reaction after consuming Isabgol

2. Over consuming is best to be avoided.

3. It may cause choking if not taken with some liquid, like water.

4. It may lead to stomach cramp as reported in few cases, at such time a doctor must be called immediately.

5. It must be taken with liquid almost 150 ml water for 5 g psyllium.


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