Introduction of Joshanda 

Joshanda is known as a herbal medicine manufactured from Unani Tibb systems of medicine. It is specifically prepared from 7 medicinal herbs and is also used as a home remedy for various treatment on the common cold. Joshanda word derived from the Persian word, Johanda which mean boiling and Andah which means prepared from. The meaning of Joshanda is “prepared by boiling”. it is prepared like an herbal decoction.

The medicine is commonly used to treat problems like Cold, Cough, Nasal congestions, Influenza, Allergic reactions, seasonal changes, etc. 

Ingredients of Joshanda

1. Khatmi seeds 6 grams
2. Sapistan which is a dried fruit 5 grams
3. Mulethi which is dried rhizomes 3 grams
4. Khubbazi seeds 6 grams
5. Gaozaban leaves 3 grams
6. Banafsha flowers 4 grams
7. Unnab dried fruit 6 grams

Benefits/Properties of Joshanda 

1. Anti-bacterial
2. Anti-microbial
3. Anti-allergic
4. Demulcent
5. Herbal.
6. Expectorant action.
7. Bronchodilatory

Uses of Joshanda 

1. The medicine gives relief to a cough, mucus, cold and spasm.
2. Reduces inflammation.
3. Reduces congestion
4. Reduces throat irritation
5. Reduces cough
6. Uses of Joshanda
7. It is good for Upper as well as lower respiratory catarrh

Also, it is good for the following things

1. Inflammation
2. Diabetes Mellitus
3. Fungal Infections
4. Constipation
5. Oxidative Stress
6. Wounds
7. Fever

How the syrup works

The syrup works by reducing our blood sugar

By inhibiting the synthesis of prostaglandin

By decreasing the temperature of our  body

By producing some antioxidative activity

By producing a laxative action

By showing the anti-inflammatory action specifically against histamine, carrageenan, and activity which dextran-induced paw( edema one)

By possessing the power of wound healing activity

By producing workable antifungal activity

By inhibiting the elevated blood levels (Glucose)

Preparation of Joshanda 

We must take 5 gram of Joshanda and then add it to 225 ml water.

Boil the mixture until a quarter of half the quantity remains. Serve it lukewarm before a breakfast or before going to bed.

Manufacturer of Joshanda 

Hamdard is a popular brand, however there are many other brands too.

Hamdard Joshanda Tin Pkt

Joshanda (Packet) 30Gms by Rex

Joshanda Syrup (200 ML) by Rex

Joshanda Concentrate 100 ML by New Shama

Side effects of Joshanda 

The list given above is not a comprehensive list. Some side effects are possible. Some could be rare but serious.

It is important to Consult a doctor in case one observes side effects