Introduction of Kalonji oil

Black Seed Oil is the other name for Kalonji oil. It is the most healthy oil, all over the world. The scientific name is Nigella Sativa, for this black seed oil. It is made from the extract of the plant. It is a primary part of Ayurveda practices. There are immense health benefits from the oil. It is generally used to treat diseases related to brain, stomach, intestine, heart and eyes of the people. Besides these, there are many nutritional benefits to the oil too.

Kalonji oil has varied properties like

1. Antibacterial

2. Antioxidant

3. Anti-inflammatory

4. Improves Immune system

5. Detoxifier

Uses of Kalonji oil

1. Kalonji oil consists of 2 main constituents which are, THYMOHYDROQUINONE and THYMOQUINONE.

2. They have anti-tumor properties.

3. 52 % decrease in tumor cells were reported due to the presence of two active phytochemicals kalonji oil. It also has anti-cancer properties, which prevents cancer.

4. Black seed oil is used as a potential remedy to cure several conditions including the following.

5. People with following problems can have kalonji oil

6. Cold

7. Headache

8. Nasal congestion

9. Digestive disorders






15.MRSA infections

Additional Benefits and Uses of Kalonji oil

1. It cures the following conditions


3. When compared to a popular drug used to treat diabetes, named Metformin, Black seed oil works great in improving the tolerance of glucose. The adverse effects are negligible. Properties that help fight it are given below

4. Reactive oxygen

5. Apoptosis Induction

6. Anti-proliferation

7. Anti-metastasis

8. Cell cycle arrest

9. Anti-angiogenesis

10.THYMOQUINONE the element, on administration along with chemotherapeutic drugs shows a positive result on cancer. Even the toxin tolerance is controlled greatly.


12.It also has a property that helps people to reduce weight.

13.The following things are eliminated:



16.Blood glucose level

17.Liver gluconeogenesis

18.Glucose absorption


20.MRSA Infections

21.Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus is an infection that is caused due to Deadly superbugs. Black seed oil gradually slows the growth of the microbes and also restricts the further spreading. Thus, the infection is cured greatly.

Other benefits of Kalonji oil

1. Prevents Hairfall

2. Prevents Diabetes

3. Prevents Pimples

4. Increase Memory function

5. Eases Headache

6. Treat Asthma

7. Encourages Healthy heart:

8. Relieves joint pain

9. Good for vision and Eyesight

10.Prevents cancer

11.Reduces Blood Pressure

12.Good for Kidney

13.Strengthen Teeth

14.Cures Cold and Cough

15.Good for losing weight

16.Brings Glow and Beauty

17.Good for Hyperacidity

18.Treats Piles

19.Good for stomach pain

20.Good for Ear too

21.Good for Cracked feet

22.Eliminates Nausea feeling

23.Good for tumor

24.Boosts energy

Side effects of Black seed oil 

1. The quantity consumed must be limited to the prescription provided by the practitioner

2. Prescription from a qualified professional is necessary

3. Pregnant and Lactating mother must not consume the medicine strictly

4. If one has undergone surgery or is about to undergo a surgery, it is not advisable to have the medicine.


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