Introduction of Karela Jamun Juice

Bitter Gourd

Bitter melon or one may call it Bitter gourd are usually harvested in the tropical areas of the world. Some examples are Carribean Island, East Africa, Parts of south America, Amazon basin, etc. Hence, bitter gourd is an important part of the people's diet in those places, they consider it a nourishing as well as a medicinal food. The melon grows its fruit on a vine (cucurbit). Only when the color turns pale green, must we cut the fruit from the vine. A mature gourd is bitter in taste and with time it gets even more bitter.

Its benefits include Treating gastrointestinal problems, Inflammation, decrease Blood pressure, Fight infection and prevent clots and cancer.

Nutritious element of Jamun

It is acidic in nature and has a peculiar tangy along with the sweet flavor in it. As an astringent fruit, the pulpy Jamun is a rich source of Vitamins, A, B and C, and minerals like Phosphorous, Manganese, and Calcium backed with Carbohydrates. Anthocyanins are the main components present in Jamun which gives it the vibrant dark purple color. Anthocyanine comprises of malvidin, cyanidin, Peovidin, petunidin and lastly delphinidin.


1. Antioxidant
2. Antiviral
3. Antimicrobial
4. Contains polyphenolic compounds
5. Low in terms of calories
6. Includes:
7. Carbohydrates
8. Vitamins A, B, C
9. Proteins
10.Minerals like, Iron, Phosphorous, calcium, potassium
11.Dietary fibre

 Health benefits

1. The juice has a hypoglycemic effect on the diabetic patient while dropping their insulin levels to a great extent. It is suggested to diabetic people for the same. Traditionally, medicine has been used for the fruits, Plant as well as leaf extract so one can treat Diabetes of type 2.

2. The fruit juice plays a great role in order to control Glycemic element. Bitter gourd and Jamun helps to boost the glucose metabolism in people. It also stimulates the production of cells (beta) in the pancreas, where one regulates the level of insulin.

3. Based on a research, the effect is low, in women who are pregnant or are lactating. Consulting a doctor is best.

Nutritional Value Per 100 gm of Karela and Jamun of 140 gm

Karela is the best toward the essential nutrients. The health benefits are to its nutrient content. The vitamins, the minerals, everything. An appropriate consumption will cover the deficiencies in many areas. It has all water-soluble vitamins which are B1, B2, C, and B3. It also includes minerals like manganese, zinc, alkaloids, and folic acid. The minerals and vitamins in the gourd  are higher than the other veggies which are available outside

1. Carbohydrate-3.70 gm
2. Energy-17 kcal
3. Protein-1gm
4. Cholesterol-0mg
5. Total fat-0.17gm
6. Dietary fiber-2.80mg
7. Folate-72µg
8. Niacin-0.400mg
9. Pyridoxine-0.043mg
12.Sodium-5 mg
14.Potassium-296 mg

Of Jamun juice: (As Per 140 grams)

1. Sodium 40 mg
2. Potassium 79 mg
3. Total Carbs 14 g
4. Dietary Fiber 1 g
5. Sugars 5 g
6. Protein 1 g
7. Calcium 2%
8. Vitamin C 45%
9. Iron 4%

Ingredients of Karela Jamun Ras

1. Eugenia jumbo up to 23%
2. Momordica Charantia up to75%
3. Sodium benzoate up to2%.

Medicinal uses

One can turn a bitter gourd and Jamun into many forms.

From capsule to powder or from pill to a tea. All of this is possible from the process of extraction of the fruit and leaf.

Those who are used to bitter food, or can tolerate some may resort to eating it raw, blend it into a juice or cook and eat the fruit

Medicinal uses for the juice include

1. Good to reduce Blood pressure levels.

2. Boosts Digestion and Metabolism in people. Helps people who suffer from constipation, Digestion problem and dyspepsia.

3. The property of been Anti-inflammatory relieves one from the symptoms of inflammation, which is caused due to acid reflux disease, ulcerative colitis or regular heartburn.

4. However, according to some researches, the ascorbic acid which is present in bitter gourd slightly increases the inflammation. One can consider it as a side effect.

5. Antioxidant property of the juice which is derived due to its content which includes various bioactive compounds like sterols, flavonoids, alkaloids as well as tannins helps to prevent damage due to free radicals. Anti-oxidation slows down the signs of aging in people, especially, in areas like wrinkles, age spots or crows feet.

6. Its fiber rich and calorie short, so it helps with weight reduction.

Some more benefits


It is incurable in the late stages of life, or when it is not detected in time. The juice helps with a particular type of the problem (cancer). It triggers the leukemic cancer cells greatly.


A chronic cough, breathing issues can be cured by taking away the cause of the blockage, that is the sputum which is accumulated. The respiratory areas and lungs get cleared off effectively.


The skin looks great and the premature graying can be prevented with the help of karela. This is possible as it helps with better blood supply and new cell growth in our body


The enzymes which work for effective digestion gets charged up and body feels light and fresh.


It cannot be cured but the damage it does to the body will be prevented with the help of bitter gourd 

6.Immune system

Boosts our primary defense system, Immune system


Solves constipation issues as digestion is related with constipation too. 


For Infants, it is 10 ml and it can be given twice a Day

For 5 to 12 Year old, it is 20 ml which are also twice a Day

For 13 and above age group it is 30 ml again, twice a day

As directed by a physician.

Side effects

1. A Large quantity is never advisable. It can lead to a stomach problem, dehydration or lack of proper functions by our vital organs.

2. The Hypoglycemic effect which is good for diabetic people ain't good for those with normal sugar level.
A dangerous loss of sugar will disturb the balance in our stomach functions.

3. Over ingestion is considered toxic for children and others.

4. It is laxative in nature so, it may also trigger the premature contractions or vaginal bleeding in pregnant or non-conceiving women.

5. It should not be had before or after a surgery. (for a span of two weeks).


Sri Sri Ayurveda Karela Jamun Juice 1 Ltre

Bhumija Karela Jamun Juice (Sugar Free) 1 Ltr.

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