Introduction of Kushmanda Rasayanam

Kushmanda Rasayanam is a polyherbal Ayurvedic Medicine which is used to treat various diseases. It is malleable, semi-solid, sticky preparation and dark brown in color. It has a spicy odor as well as pungent and a sweeter taste. The significant ingredient of this formulation is the white gourd. White pumpkin or White Gourd is termed as Kushmanda in Sanskrit. The Kushmanda has Mucin, Amino acids, Mineral salts, vitamin B, Starch, calcium, and Vitamin C. The other ingredients are Maricha, Pippali, Dhania, Elaichi, Tejpatta Ghee, Honey etc.

Kushmanda Rasayana is a very famous medicine available in herbal jam form. It is extremely nourishing which is used in respiratory conditions It is also known as Kooshmanda Rasayana, Kushmanda lehyam, Kushmanda avalaeha and Kushmandavaleha.

Kooshmanda, in general, refers to the ash gourd, the main ingredient used in the preparation process. Lehyam is the herbal jam. Whereas Rasayana – refers to the property of Rejuvenation.Kushmanda Rasayan is called as Kushmand Khanda.

Ingredients of Kushmanda Rasayanam

1. Kushmanda Benincasa hispida 4.8 kg
2. Ghrita
3. Clarified butter 768 g
4. Sugar candy (Khanda) 4.8 kg
5. Pippali Piper 96 g
6. Shunthi 96 g
7. Jiraka 96 g
8. Tvak 24 g
9. Ela 24 g
10.Tejpatra 24 g
11.Maricha 24 g
12.Dhanya 24 g
13.Kshaudra 384 g
14.Jala Water

Preparation of Kushmanda Rasayanam

a) Take the raw materials according to the given quantity
b) Wash. Dry and then Powder all the ingredients listed from 4 to 11, and make sure to separate pass them through sieve, 85
c) One needs to take the fresh fruit of Kushmanda and remove its skin and seeds. Then further cut them into smaller pieces
d) Add water in double Quantity.
e) Heat the Kushmanda pieces as it becomes soft to further make Pishti.
f) Make sure to maintain temperature from 900 to 1000.
g) Strain the formed liquid through a muslin cloth.
h) Keep the liquid separately and later crush the boiled pieces of the Kushmanda so to make some paste
i) Fry in Ghee
j) Keep stirring
k) Temperature must be from 800 to 900 degrees
l) Do not under roast or Over Roast Pishti
m) Add some sugar and strain the solution
n) Add paste of fried Kushmanda into the syrup
o) Again, heat while you constantly keep stirring.
p) Maintain the temperature from 800 to 900 degrees
q) Observe the mixture, then allow it to cool
r) Further, add powder of ingredients (Prakshepa) from 4 to 11 numbers.
s) Mix thoroughly, then let it cool. Then add some Honey.
t) Pack tight and prepare for cool and dry storage.

Benefits of Kushmanda Rasayanam

1. Is a Rejuvenator
2. Helps in cases of bleeding disorders, Excess heat, and Pitta in the body.
3. Extremely nutritious.
4. Provides immunity to our Body.
5. Relieves from respiratory problems.
6. It also cures dryness (internal)
7. Improves Immunity.
8. Facilitates Weight gain
9. Gives Luster and encourages Digestion
10.Gives relief from constipation
11.Strengthens our Brain, Eyes, Nerves and other working organs.
12.Brings Balance in Pitta
13.Good for Rakta Pitta

Uses of Kushmanda Rasayanam

1. Cough, Dyspnoea, Chronic fever, Sinusitis
2. Chest wound,
3. Bleeding disorder
4. Chronic respiratory
5. Chardi,
6. Thirst
7. Daurbalya
8. Deficiency of semen
9. Emaciation
10.Pthisis (pulmonary tuberculosis)


20 g can be consumed on a day to day basis, must be divided as instructed by a physician

Water and Milk can be had along with the Medicine

The dose depends on the age, digestive power, the strength of the patient as well as the nature of the illness. It also takes the state of viscera and humor into consideration.


Sri Sri Ayurveda Kushmanda Rasayan

Expiry Date

3 years from the manufacturing date.

Once opened, one must finish it within 4 to 5 months