Introduction of Lavangadi Vati

Lavangadi Vati is an Ayurvedic Polyherbal Medicine, it is usually in a tablet form. It is known to treat upper respiratory problems and diseases. It has a Demulcent, Expectorant and Anti-inflammatory properties. It cures a persistent cough, Cold, and Congestion. The Primary ingredient of Lavangadi Vati is Garlic. Garlic is popular to handle KAPHA dosha. It is Antiseptic, Antispasmodic and carminative in nature. It increases the Pitta energy in the body by reducing other energies such as VATA and KAPHA dosha. Garlic is generally hot and is used to treat Asthma, Bronchitis, Indigestion, Sore Throat and much more. The blood pressure on consumption of the medicine, Increases. So, it must be taken cautiously.

Ingredients of Lavangadi Vati

1. Baheda – 5%
2. Laung– 10%
3. Peepal– 5%
4. Kakara-shrangi– 3%
5. Sagar tigal – 4%
6. Darim-twak – 2%
7. Khersar –14%
8. Dalchini 3%
9. Mulethi satva 26%
10.Aak ke phul – 7%
11.Munakka – 14%
12.Nausader – 3%
13.Suhaga – 2%
14.Cinnamomum camphora – 2%

Benefits of Lavangadi Vati

1. It helps to clear Throat
2. It has varied medicinal properties like Expectorant, Anti-inflammatory, and Demulcent.
3. Relieves people from a cough.
4. Also helps with Congestion, Breathing issues and other associated symptoms.
5. Has a Carminative Property/Action.
6. Improves Appetite

Uses of Lavangadi Vati

1. Dyspnea
2. Asthma
3. Cough
4. Congestion
5. Cold Bronchitis
6. Chest pain
7. Sore Throat

Dosage of Lavangadi Vati

1. It must be chewed (the tablet) every 2 hours, 5 to 7 times in a day.
2. Though the dosage depends upon the Age, Digestive Power, Strength and Nature of the illness.
3. It is best to consult a physician, and not self-medicate



Dabur Lavangadi Vati

Sri Sri Ayurveda Lavangadi Vati

Kalera Lavangadi Bati


Benefits of Lavangadi Vati 

1. It is in the form of a tablet, where the clove is its main ingredient. Gives relief from allergic rhinitis, Cold, Congestion, Prolonged Cough.
2. Balances all three Dosha, KAPHA, VATA and PITTA 


It must be had from 3 to 6 months

Side Effects of Lavangadi Vati 

1. Overdose may lead to problem
2. Must not be fed to little children, up to 5 years
3. Not be given to pregnant women
4. Must be stored in a dry place
5. Must not be prescribed to lactating mother’s also

Manufacture/ Preparation 

1. Fine powder all the ingredients and get ready for the process of decoction
2. A semisolid paste is prepared and then the pills are prepared

Expiry Date

It is 2 years from the date of Manufacture.