Introduction of Majun Salab

Majun Salab is a Unani and ayurvedic medicine meant to treat low fertility in males. It leads to low sperm count, erectile dysfunction (ED), hydro aspermia and oligospermia. Majun Salab improves vitality, vigor as well as sexual debility in males by strengthening cells and tissues, and also fighting impotence.

Majun Salab thus treats Sexual debility, poor erectile power, hydro aspermia, and Spermatorrhoea.

Benefits of Majun Salab

1. It belongs to the popular Unani System of Medicine.

2. It Helps men overcome fertility problems.

3. It helps to Increase sperm count and it also helps with semen motility in case of Spermatorrhoea.

4. The quality of semen that will hatch in the female eggs, increases.

When must a person consume this medicine?

1. In cases of, Low Sperm Count

2. Hydropspermia

3. Oligospermia

4. Defective Sperm Morphology

5. Premature Ejaculation

6. Infertility in Men

7. Vigour & Vitality

8. ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

9. General Sexual Debility

Ingredients of Majun Salab

1. Tukhm Hanzal

2. Peepal Kalan

3. Tukhm Gazar

4. Til Safaid Muqqashshar

5. Tukhm Kataili

6. Salab Misri

7. Shaqaqul Misri

8. Kharateen Musaffa

9. Mahi Rubiyan

10.Maghz Akhrot, Ghee

11.Maghz Pumbadana

12.Warq Nuqra

13.Qiwam Shakar

Dosage and Administration

1. It is generally advised to take 5 gram a day.

2. However, it is best to follow the guidelines of a doctor or a physician

3. One can have it with a glass of milk for best results.

Brands that make the medicine

Hamdard Majun Salab

Rex Majun Salab

New shama Majun Salab