Neem is extremely popular, and this popularity has been its part from a date which commenced 5000 years ago.The other name is Azadirachta Indica, which is its English term and ‘Neemba’ another Sanskrit term. The tree is an example of nature's way of working. That the problem and solution lie in the same environment. It has more than one hundred and thirty bio-active compounds in it. Hence, it covers properties of being an antibacterial and antiviral medicine. It's also a strong immunostimulant. The neem is a large and an evergreen tree which grows up to 20 meters in length, along with its branches spread wide enough. The leaves are grown alternatively where the leaflets contain around 8 to 19 leaves altogether. (One)

The leaves

The main purpose of the neem leaves is, to treat Vata disorders or one can say neuromuscular pains. There are other benefits which are associated with it, like purifying the blood, prevention from the damage which is caused due to free radicals present in our body, eliminating toxins, and treating insect bites as well as ulcers. The leaves are antibacterial in nature which is the main reason of why it has been working effectively on wounds. Infections or any kind of Burn marks are removed and the skin is resolved to its original state. It is also a solution for long term skin problems. The bacteria which causes spreading of such infections is attacked and removed. That's how the additional production of good cells is facilitated whereas the dead ones are removed.

Heals Wound

A paste of the neem leaves when blended nicely and made thick, can be applied on the required areas. This will help the bite, wound or infection to repair and get back to its original state.

Hair problems-Dandruff

Neem leaves are boiled inside water container. The leaves are strongly boiled until their color turns green. The water is then allowed to cool for a while. And it is used while it is still warm. Once we wash our hair with normal shampoo, the above solution can be put so one avoids dandruff throughout the day.

Eye Trouble

It involves the making of the same mixture as required for hair problem. Neem leaves are boiled in water and then it is allowed to cool down. The cool water is then applied on eyes carefully. This helps us deal with redness, irritation and any type of redness.


A few leaves are grinded well and a paste is made out of them. This paste is applied on the area which has acne or zit. We need to keep applying the neem paste until the area gets dried.

Ear problems

Blend few neem leaves and then add a little honey in it. This can be used in drops to treat any kind or ear boils

Skin disorders

Turmeric, when combined with some paste of the leaves, is used to treat ringworms, eczema, itching or some skin diseases.

Boost immunity

Crush the leaves and put it inside water glass so we can drink it. This improves immunity.


The tree is awfully bitter, provided that the flowers are its exception. The flowers are White and delicate in nature. They have this white bud towards their end and they look extremely pretty too. They possess therapeutic properties. They are sweet in taste and their scent is like the flower, Jasmine. It is known as Vepampoo, which is its Tamil term. We can use them in a dried form, powdered form. People in the southern part of the country uses it, so they can cook few dishes with it. The dishes are Pachadi, Flower Rice, Lentils, Rasam, etc. They are roasted and then sprinkled on dishes or salads, so it tastes even more delicious. They can be utilized to treat nausea, Bleaching, anorexia and intestinal worms. These are useful to treat headaches and skin problems. We use it for the purpose of aromatherapy, as it gives the body a little calmness. In a study back in 2008, it was found that the flowers could be excellent contraceptives too

Twigs and Bark of the tree

Being an Indian its not strange to see people chew the bark of certain trees, especially neem tree. The twig for many years has been used as a make-do brush for teeth. It maintains the alkaline level in our saliva and fights all kinds of germs too. problems like swollen gums, Bacterial infection and Preventing cavities are done effectively by the bark of neem trees.

We obtain white teeth and  prevent ourselves from the onset of plague 

Neem Oil

The oil is extracted from the seeds of the plant, as it is rich in terms of medicinal properties. It is an amazing ingredient for cosmetics as well as other beauty products. Few products like hair oil, soaps, hand wash, etc. It treats skin diseases and is an accurate mosquito repellent. We can mix the same oil along with the coconut oil so we can apply the solution over our body. It is a good healer too, a sort of cure all types of problem tonic. The neem oil besides people helps its fellow species too. They help plants and protect them from insects. It is used in soaps, creams, and other cosmetic product. 

Other great uses


Two to three drops of neem oil diluted with a little water can be applied regularly to get rid of them and prevent them from occurring again too. 


We can make a face pack and get rid of problems like wrinkles, crows feet, dead skin, rashes, etc.

Great hair

The oil when rubbed effectively on the scalp can be retained for a while and then washed away. Strengthens our hair from the core, this prevents loss of hair and massages the scalp well enough so, no dandruff is found.


1. Azadirachta indica
2. Neem
3. margosa
4. nim
5. nimba
6. nimbatiktam
7. Arishtha
8. Praneem

Dosage and Administration

There is no specific data on what quantity must be consumed. The product is so natural.


Young children must not experiment in any case the number of deaths was apparently reported. Neem oil must not be used on them.

For the purpose of safety, pregnant and lactating ladies must avoid it.

Side Effects

Adults can use it in normal doses.


The seeds are very poisonous in case large doses are consumed or used.