Introduction of Shilajit

The Himalaya Mountains, which were the result of continental collisions was formed 50 million years ago. It consisted of tropical forests which were crushed and the compacted in between huge boulders. The forests transformed themselves into mineral and nutrient rich biomass which were loaded with innumerable benefits. Every summer the cultivation of these rich plantations is harvested and supplied all over the world.

This is known as Shilajit, which is a nutrient efficient biomass and it has been considered as the main carrier of nutrition and energy inside our body. Research has said that identifying these fulvic as well as humic acids which are present in abundance in the shilajit is the main element responsible for energy production for a normal cell.

Science is a beginning where we know the implications of the fulvic acid-rich nutrient like Shilajit.

It has a component name energizer bunny component, because of which shilajit is considered as the destroyer of the weak.

With the help of this component, Shilajit has been supporting rejuvenation as well as energy production. In a study, People were asked to take 200 mg of Shilajit every day for a period of 15 days. The results were that the energy level in them after consuming shilajit was equivalent to the energy produced after a body workout.

Shilajit delivers all the necessary nutrients and energy to our cells at a vigorous level.

Composition of Shilajit

1. Fulvic Acid
2. (DBPs) Di-benzo-alpha-pyrones
3. 4-Methoxy
4. 6-Carbomethoxybiphenyl
5. Hydroxytirucalla (24(Z)-3/3-)
6. 24-dien-26-oic acid
7. Triterpenoic molecule
8. Glycine
9. Aspartic Acid
10.Glutamic Acid
12.Eldagic acid
15.Aromatic carboxylic acids
17.Amino acids
18.Phenolic lipids

The following are the beneficiaries of Shilajit

1. Memory
2. Energy
3. Mood
4. Potency
5. Nutrient absorption
6. Sharp intelligence
8. Efficient detoxification
9. Balanced blood sugar
10.Better effect of antioxidant
11.Renew Your Cells

Shilajit has the capacity to rejuvenate a normal body cell and fill in with nutrients and oxygen. This helps with the natural functioning of antioxidant activity. The body also eliminates itself from the free radicals.

Shilajit was termed as yoga vahi, which means whatever one consumes will be better absorbed into the body.

It boosts the activity of the Heart, Kidney, Liver etc.

Shilajit, Ashwagandha, and Amalaki are considered as Synergistic herbs. The properties of the other two herbs automatically enhance as shilajit boosts their productivity.


1. The taste is bitter, salty, pungent and astringent
2. It carries Heat energy
3. It is heavy and dry in nature
4. It passes through Nervous, Urinary and Reproductive channel of a human being

Benefits of Shilajit

Shilajit contains several potent substances including antioxidants and humic and fulvic acid. The plant overall contains 80 minerals which help the body to have an impact on people's health.

Boosts Fertility

It increases the fertility in men by more than 60 percent. This gives them a scope to increase the chances of reproduction. The alternative is safe and natural to be used on a daily basis.

Testosterone level

The level of testosterone is responsible for boosting energy in both men and women. An increased testosterone level will increase the energy and therefore the output level too. It also boosts the confidence in people as it is directly linked with our brain. A good testosterone level will protect our muscle tissue, eliminate fats, enlighten our mood as well as thinking.


Those who take shilajit are considerably more energized than the rest. The reason could be the nutrient content of its mountainous availability. Shilajit acts best toward mitochondria. When we take more energy we feel more fast, nourished and constantly alert to go for the last shot.

Heart protection

The cardiovascular health improves and as mentioned earlier the antioxidant property is reflected.

Sharpens Memory

The testosterone level is linked to our brain so it affects how we think. Researchers say that the small molecules which are known as dibenzo-alpha-pyrones are the elements that work in Shilajit. The molecules break down the chemicals in our brain which are required for memory. It also helps us avoid Alzheimer's disease

Healthy aging

The antioxidant activity of shilajit protects us against deep cellular damage, and the cellular damage is responsible for the aging process of our lungs, heart,  liver, and our skin. The fulvic acid present in the shilajit transfers the minerals to the required cells. This puts a full stop on the cellular aging and damage done due to free radicals.

What is element Shilajit like?

1. It's bitter in taste and has a dark brown or black color.
2. On taking, it directly melts on our hand.
3. It must be stored at room temperature in cool and dry place.

Dosage of Shilajit

Two divided doses of shilajit can be taken for a period of three months. The quantity being 200 gms. 

Side Effects of Shilajit

1. It must be taken in adequate dosage. It has a lot of Iron in it. But, it is generally considered safe.
2. A low-quality shilajit which claims itself to be one could be dangerous. It may contain stuff we don't know. It could be adulterated with fertilizer and toxic metals.
3. Fulvic acid doesn't give side effects unless it is a fake company.
4. It is best to be taken with food to avoid heaviness
5. In case one notices allergic reaction like feeling nausea, increased heart rate, itchiness, headache, dizziness, etc. One must discontinue it immediately.
6. If you are already taking other medicines for some reasons one must consult a physician to avoid any reactions.
7. Large doses must be avoided.