Introduction of Talisadi Churna

Talisadi Churna is an Ayurvedic Medicine, meant to treat Digestive problems and Cough. Apart from these, it also treats ailments like loss of appetite, irritable bowel syndrome and Anorexia. It is very useful to reduce the magnitude of chronic fever and other respiratory disorders.

The medicine is in the form of Churna, means an Herbal Powder. The main action is being done by the anti-tussive, bronchodilators and mucolytic property.

Ingredient  of Talisadi Churna

The main ingredients of Talisadi Churna are Pippali, Sonth, Black pepper and Talispatra. Here is a complete composition.

Ingredients and their quantity

Abies Webbiana   2.21%

Black Pepper       4.42%

Sonth                   6.63%

Long Pepper        8.84%

Tabashir              4.42%

Green Cardamom 1.33%

Dalchini               1.33%

Misri                     70.8%

Medicinal Properties of Talisadi Churn

1. Bronchodilator
2. Antitussive
3. Expectorant (mild)
4. Anti-inflammatory
5. Mucolytic
6. Antiviral
7. Antimicrobial
8. Antibacterial
9. Carminative

A person with following problems can have this medicine


Common Cold

Whooping cold


Chronic bronchitis

Upper respiratory tract infections


Loss of Appetite

Irritable bowel syndrome


Abdominal distension


Benefits of Talisadi Churna

1. Cough problems

2. It helps with both types of a cough, whether, Non-productive or a productive cough.

3. Because of high content Crystallized sugar as the ingredient, the medicine becomes enormously more useful toward a nonproductive cough.

4. But the other content of Talisadi Churna has properties like Mucolytic, Antitussive and Expectorative, this makes tali scudi extremely effective toward a productive cough also.

5. Though, it also requires an adjuvant.

6. For a dry cough, one can use Ghee and Honey

7. In the case of a productive cough, talasudi Churna liquefies the mucus and helps to cough up the sputum out of the lung’s, this action is termed as expectorant property.

8.  Because of its mucolytic and antitussive property, Talisadi encourages to reduce the sputum production, which is formed and to is formed inside the lungs.

9. it helps to clear the lungs. One can use it with honey, in this type of A cough.


The Dose depends on the intensity of the problem and the age factor.  Also, the health condition and weight of the patient must be considered.

For Infants

50 mg/ kg of the weight

For Children

500 mg - 1 gram *

For Adults

1 gram - 3 grams *

It must be had twice during the day

Side effects of Talisadi Churna

1. It is usually safe to be consumed

2. However, pregnant ladies and lactating mothers must not consume it.

3. Also, those allergic to the ingredients must not consume the medicine.

4. One must avoid overdose and consult a physician for the duration and quantity.

Other names

Talisadi  Choornam

Talisadi  Churna

Talisapatradi churnam

Talisadi Powder


Dabur Talisadi Churna

Baidyanath Talisadi Churna 

Zandu Talisadi Churna

Sri Sri Ayurveda Talisadi Churna 

Maharshi Badri Talisadi Churna