We often think that bacteria and germs spread at a higher pace during the summers when we terribly sweat and bear the scorching heat. But, we need to beware because there is equal need of protection against germs, bacteria and viruses. As the winters are approaching let’s take a look at what all can cause flues and how you need to protect yourself against its spread.



There are three kinds of viruses that can cause flu. Type A and B cause seasonal outbreaks and type C is responsible for causing respiratory infections. Now, how does this flu spreads? The reason behind is simple that as you come in contact with an infectious person the virus travels to your body too. The other ways are by breathing, kissing or touching objects like doorknobs, remotes, telephones, handles etc. People generally get flues during winters because during this time because the air is less humid than outside. The other reason can also be that during winters we tend to move out less from homes and spend more time family members, which makes the spread of virus easier.


Some ways to protect yourself against flu this season:


Don’t miss the immunization

The best to take prevention is getting immunized. Make sure to get an annual flu vaccine. It’s important to get vaccinated before the beginning of flu season.


Wash your hands

Washing hands frequently and thoroughly after regular intervals can protect you against the spread of bacteria and viruses. Keep a hand sanitizer along with you whenever you are travelling. Keep in mind the hygiene do’s and don’ts.


Take a balance diet

It is important to take care of your diet during the winter season. Eat more of vegetables and fruits as they are available in abundance during this season. Exercise well and take plenty of sleep. Being healthy helps you fight a lot of diseases.


Living in hygienic surroundings

Keep your home and areas near clean and hygienic because cleaner the surroundings the lesser are the chances of getting infected through bacteria and viruses.

During winters there is always a sharp rise in the incidence of respiratory infections. These are caused by different viruses. The more you take care of the little things that help these viruses multiply the more you help yourself protect against spread of these