Introduction of Vedanantaka Vati

Vedanantaka Vati is an ayurvedic product, which is a gifted from the proprietor, Sri Sri Ayurveda. It provided major relief from body pains as well as Vatajashoola ( some type of Body ache). This one is an indication toward Vatarakta (Gout).

In short, it breaks your pain and aches and relieves you completely.

This medicine is a herbal pain killer, it does its work quickly and effectively. It is made from a formulation of 15 quality herbs which are given below.

This herbal medicine soothes all types of the aching parts of our body and doesn't give any adverse side effects unless allergic to the ingredients

Most people were reported to complain of rheumatic disorder immediately after surviving Chikungunya, there was no good medicine for it. So, some experts came out with this medicine, Vedanantaka Vati. 

When must a person consume it

1. Pain due to VATA imbalance

2. Gout

3. Body Pain 

4. Inflammation due to doshas like Rakta and Pitta

Composition of Vedanantaka Vati

Each 500 mg of this tablet contains:

1. Eranda moola 38.46 mg
2. Rasna 38.46 mg
3. Bala 38.46 mg
4. Vasa/Vasaka 38.46 mg
5. Aragvadha 38.46 mg
6. Amruth 38.46 mg
7. Ativisha 38.46 mg
8. Devadaru 38.46 mg
9. Musta 38.46 mg
10.Sunti 38.46 mg
11.Sati 38.46 mg
12.Nirgundi 19.23 mg
13.Sahacara 19.23 mg
14.Shallaki 19.23 mg
15.Shatavari 19.23 mg
16.Sodium benzoate 0.6 mg
17.Potassium sorbate 1.2 mg 


A tablet must be had three times a day. (Before meal) 


Consulting a doctor/ Physician is a necessity