The 5,000-year-old system of natural healing that has its origins in the Vedic culture of India is known as Ayurveda. Years of foreign occupation suppressed the practice of Ayurveda. throughout the world and its native land, Ayurveda is now enjoying a major resurgence. 

Ayurveda is known to the mother of Tibetan medicine and traditional Chinese medicines. Ancient natural Greek medicines incorporated concepts originally mentioned in the Ayurvedic medical scripts dating back to a thousand years. 


Ayurveda is known as the knowledge of life. The word Ayurveda comprises of the two Sanskrit words Ayur and Veda, Ayur means life and Veda means knowledge or science. Ayurveda provides a framework of ancient wisdom designed to help people stay vital and embrace a healthy lifestyle free of diseases and ailments. Guidelines mentioned in Ayurveda specifically take seasons, diet, behavior and the proper use of our senses into consideration. The balanced and dynamic integration between our environment, body, mind, and spirit is inculcated in every Ayurvedic practice.  The doshas (called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) are the elemental constituencies of Ayurveda. Ayurveda states that a balance of the doshas results in a sound health. Any imbalance of the doshas may result in disease and ailments of the body and mind. An Ayurvedic perspective suggests that the doshas are balanced when they are equal to each other. While another Ayurvedic perspective is that each human possesses a unique combination of the doshas based on the person's characteristics and temperament.    The concept of Dinacharya is followed by Ayurveda. It says that natural cycles like waking, sleeping, working and meditation are an integral part of health. The central practice revolves around Hygiene, cleaning of teeth, including regular bathing, skin care, and eye washing.    Ayurveda is practiced in India for more than 5000 years. It is as useful and wholesome to humans today as it was in the ancient times. Ayurveda provides a holistic approach to our daily lives and aims at maintaining a good health and resistance to ailments.  Our daily schedule or as per Ayurveda the Dincharya schedule helps to bring about peace and harmony in life. Life routines are aimed to enhance the total health of man, both mental and physical and therefore play a vital role in Ayurveda. The Ayurvedic Dincharya is very easy to follow and does not come with a hefty amount of side effects.

One should get 7-8 hours sleep daily according to Ayurvedic lifestyle and on waking up in the morning one should drink a glass of warm water. This will help in flushing out toxins collected in the body overnight. A morning walk is an indispensable part of the Ayurvedic lifestyle.  A consistent good health depends on proper personal hygiene. Regular brushing of teeth and tongue freshens the mouth is very important in Ayurveda. This practice will keep the teeth healthy and remove the cause of bad breath. Brushing of teeth is to be done after every meal to remove bad breath completely.  Toxic elements from the body can be removed easily and efficiently by employing means of Ayurvedic remediations. This allows someone to recover full vigor and health amidst any ailment or sickness of any kind without inducing any type of side-effects.



Health Juices are part of the lifestyle. It is best for preventive health care. Health Ayurvedic Juices are nutritional concentrated natural juices which are good for daily consumption with no side effects. Indiameds brings to you an enormous range of Health Juices. These juices are sourced from the most premium Ayurvedic and herbal Brands of India like Vedame which comes with a guarantee of being 100% eco-friendly and side effect free.   Ayurvedic Health juices help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and calories and act as a Rich source of phytonutrients like dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins, and anti-oxidants. They also aid in glycogen synthesis in the cells of the liver,adipose, and muscle tissues. These juices are now available in different varieties of natural herbs and fruits like Wheat Grass, Aloe Vera, Karela Jamun, Triphala to name a few.


What  is Amla juice: 


Amla juice is one of the incredible gifts of mother nature. It is a storehouse of Vitamin C and other nutrients like iron, antioxidants. The scientific name of Amla is Phyllanthus emblica. The Sanskrit name for Amla or Indian gooseberry is Amlaki.  Amla Berry is a sour, bitter and astringent fruit grown in wet hilly areas of India. The tree is small to medium-sized. Generally ripening in autumn, the berries are harvested by hand. Amla is used for making pickle, jam, jelly, murabba. But the real health and beauty benefit of Amla comes from consuming Amla Berry juice regularly. In Hindu beliefs, Amla is said to have originated from the drops of Amrit. The religious belief claims Amla has an out of world medicinal property which cures almost every disease and extends span and quality of life.



What is Aloe Vera juice :


Made from the thick and fresh green to grey-green leaf of the Aloe Vera plant Aloe VERA juice is a miracle nectar that's packed with health benefits. Aloe Vera also was known as Ghritkumari in Ayurveda is a complete nourishment to the body. Aloe Vera juice is an ancient elixir for good health dating back nearly 5000 years to early Egyptian times. This beautiful stemless or short-stemmed medicinal plant is the only natural way to get vitamin B12 which prevents anemia.The other nutrients are vitamin A, C, E as well as minerals like potassium, zinc, and magnesium helping balance metabolism. The juice is made by crushing, grinding and blending of the entire leaf and adding orange fruit concentrate to make the consumer experience even more better. 



What is Karela Jamun Juice :


Karela Jamun Juice which is a concoction of Karela (Bitter Gourd) and Jamun  (Indian BlackBerry) is an astonishing pack full of amazing health benefits. Karela and Jamun Juice together makes a magical elixir which fights numerous health ailments miraculously.

The scientific name of Karela is Momordica charantia. It is commonly known as bitter gourd. Karela is used for a long time in various Asian and African herbal medicines. In Turkey, it has been used for stomach complaints. In Ayurveda Karela is used to treat diabetes, stomachic, laxative, antibilious, emetic, anthelmintic agent,cough, and cold, skin disease, wounds, ulcer, gout, and rheumatism.



What is Apple Cider Vinegar :


Apple cider vinegar has been in the limelight since the late 70s. It helps unwanted belly fat drop magically.  It decreases calorie intake if consumed regularly. A healthy diet and active lifestyle with drinking Apple Cider Vinegar lifestyle can do wonder for obese. 

High blood pressure is a major cause of heart disease. The heart pumps harder and the muscle gets weaker with time. The main component  Apple Cider Vinegar acetic acid controls blood pressure and blesses with a healthy heart. 

Apple Cider Vinegar contributes to maintaining normal blood sugar levels. It increases insulin sensitivity and fights insulin resistance. Controls Diabetes naturally. 



What is Giloy Juice : 

 Giloy Juice is referred to as ‘Amrita' that is ‘the root of immortality ‘in Sanskrit. It has been used in Indian Ayurveda for a long time for it's out of the world medicinal properties. The elixir is made from the stem of Giloy plant ( Tinospora Cardifolla ) also named as Guduchi. Which means a plant which protects the body from diseases. The herbaceous vine is a native of the tropical areas of India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. It is a large extensively spreading shrub with green heart-shaped leaves. Giloy is a divine plant a powerhouse of antioxidants boosting Immunity. Giloy Cleans blood, fights harmful bacteria, fights urinary tract infection lever and heart-related diseases. It also combats chronic fever. Giloy is a blessing to mankind from mother nature. A herbal solution towards happy and energetic life for you and your family.



What is Panch Tulsi Drops : 

Pancha Tulsi Drops is an amazing Ayurvedic medicine. A blend of five types of Tulsi leaf extract mixed in perfect proportion. The five types of Tulsis are Drudriha Tulsi, Rama Tulsi, Shama Tulsi, Babi Tulsi and Tukshmiya Tulsi. 

The out of the world medicinal decoction is the solution to many health ailments and a step towards good health. 

    Tulsi plant is an aromatic herb native to India and it's subcontinent. At present, it is also cultivated throughout Southeast Asian tropical areas for its miraculous healing properties. Panch Tulsi Drops promotes intense cleaning, It combats cold and cough. Boosts immunity regulates hypertension. Controls Blood sugar and helps to reduce. 



What is Wheat Grass Juice :

 Wheatgrass Juice is a powerhouse of chlorophyll, amino acid, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. Wheatgrass Juice is a miraculous supplement prepared from the freshly sprouted leaves of a wheat plant. Wheatgrass Juice not only provides nutritional benefits it also has amazing medicinal properties. It combats obesity and Diabetes Prevents Gallstones, Breast Cancer, Heart Attack and many health ailments. It is popular in the western world from 1940 for cleaning body toxins and providing nutritional balance to the body. The first green leaves of the wheat plant are hand picked chopped, blended and stained to make pure Wheat Grass Juice. Consume Wheatgrass Juice today to see a healthy and happy future tomorrow.



What is Triphala Juice : 

 The word Triphala means three fruits namely Amla, Haritaki, and Bibhitaki. Triphala juice is an ancient Ayurvedic elixir full of antioxidants. The three fruits are necessarily cultivated in unpolluted areas without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Triphala is handpicked with great care when they ripen. It is taken care of that the whole process is done with extreme cleanliness to get the best results. Triphala is being used in Ayurveda for thousands of years. Charak, the famous Ayurvedic physician and writer accounted the benefits of Triphala in his book Charak Samhita the fundamental textbook of Ayurveda. Triphala Juice an amazing aid to digestion and excretion promotes life full of vitality and health. 



What is Noni Juice : 

  Noni Juice is a miraculous medicinal concoction consisting of  Noni fruit ( Morinda Citronella), Garcinia Cambogia, Aloe Vera, Amla, Ashwagandha and Grape seed extract. Noni Juice is relaxing antioxidant which will make your family happy and healthy from inside out. 

 Noni plant or Morinda Citronella is a shrub,  a native of Southeast Asia and Australasia. But presently it is cultivated throughout the tropical region. It is used in traditional medicine since ages. Noni fruit pulp is rich in Vitamin C, Niacin, Iron, Potassium and dietary fibers. It's natural oxidant and healing properties are simply incredible.  

 Garcinia Cambogia is an Indonesian plant unparalleled for weight loss program. It controls sugar addiction, unhealthy eating habits and increases metabolism effectively. It gives a positive boost in energy and fights depression. 


Conclusion : 

 Ayurvedic is not only a traditional ancient  Indian form of medicine.  It is an eternal naturopathic healthcare system.  It has lasted the test of time as well as the aggression of modern science and system of treatments. Depending on knowledge acquired for centuries, the sole purpose of Ayurveda is to achieve attain blessing of health by a balance between human and the environment.   Also known as the science of life Ayurveda promises a healthy and disease free body and mind. In olden days man used to live close to nature. Mother nature provided man with natural cure and herbal remedies whenever he had a disease.

So it can be easily said Ayurveda sketch a healthy life pattern depending on mother nature and its natural remedies.    The philosophy of Veda says that human beings are an integral part of nature. The equilibrium is a result of inherent connection and between human being and universe. The complicated world of human beings is ceaselessly exposed to the changes in the environment.   Any amount of modification in relationships, weather, diet, work, emotions, and lifestyle can tip the balance. As a result, it will negatively influence a person's state of soul, body, and mind.   Ayurveda is a knowledge of complete balance of human being with the components of nature and the habitat a distressed healthy life. The science of Ayurveda does not only deal with medical science.

It enlightens human being far beyond the understanding of conventional science by including factors like body works, herbal treatment, natural remedies, surgery apart from ethical,  psychological,  spiritual and intellectual realization.